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Reap the Benefits of Teeth Whitening in Maple Valley!

July 2, 2017

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You can get teeth whitening in Maple Valley at Four Corners Family Dentistry. Four Corners Family Dentistry believes that everyone deserves to show off a beautiful smile with confidence. That can be hard for most patients to do when their teeth have become discolored and yellowed over the years. With that in mind, your dental professionals decided that it was important to readily provide a quick, accessible way to brighten patient’s teeth: in-office professional grade tooth whitening. Let’s take a look at how an improved smile can change your life for the better.

Reap the Benefits of Bright Teeth

Are you one of many that wished they could improve their smile? In fact, up to 32% of the population is “concerned by the look of their teeth.” Of that 32 %, about a fifth of them (18%) will attempt to hide their teeth in photos. Do you want to remove yourself from that group of people in the most effective way?

Some patients believe you can remove stains from your teeth at home as easily as you can with our professional treatments, but that’s simply not true. Over-the-counter products make empty promises of whiter, brighter teeth, but don’t deliver the results that you’re looking for in a reasonable amount of time.

The products we use to brighten your teeth in our office or at home can be identified as a high-quality whitening product that is effective in removing any surface level or deeper set stains. These include stains caused by dark colored or acidic foods, drinks, tobacco use, or any other common staining agents. In addition to improving the appearance of teeth, whitening offers several benefits including:

  • More confidence
  • Better oral health
  • Youthful appearance
  • Society correlates white smiles to success and friendliness

Why should I get my teeth whitened by a professional?

Before any cosmetic treatment, it’s important to start with a healthy mouth. A professional tooth whitening treatment wouldn’t be as effective if you have more serious dental problems that need attention. That’s why our doctors will first give you a thorough cleaning and dental exam before proceeding with a whitening treatment.

When it comes to safety, professional grade products are a much better choice than drugstore products. Although our products are strong and will remove stains effectively, they will not harm the tooth structure of your teeth. The enamel will stay intact. On the other hand, drugstore whitening kits can be abrasive on your enamel and soft tissues.

Try Our In-Office Teeth Whitening!

Professional whitening gel uses hydrogen or carbamide peroxide to remove stains. Typically, oxidation is considered an undesirable thing. For instance, rust and rotting fruit are types of oxidation, but when it comes to teeth whitening, the oxidized reaction caused by the peroxide allows the stains to lift—and quickly. You can benefit from in-office teeth whitening in these ways:

  • Quick results
  • Observation by dentist
  • Most drastic changes
  • Soft tissue is protected

Keep Up Your White Teeth with Four Corners Family Dentistry

When you choose to visit our office for cosmetic whitening, you will also receive a take-home whitening kit to spot treat areas that may need to be whitened in the future. Another fantastic way to maintain your beautiful smile is by visiting your dentist regularly for routine dental appointments. Contact us today to schedule your next visit with us.


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